Things to Do in Hong Kong on a Budget


There is a common misconception that travelling to Hong Kong involves spending a lot of money. However, while it’s true that you might have to save some extra money for the plane ticket, public transport is very cheap and there are many places you can visit even on a budget. Here are some of them:

1. The Hong Kong Heritage Museum: Ticket prices are very low for those who want to visit this museum, and if they happen to have some free time on Wednesday, they can even go in without paying anything. The museum features several exhibits and interactive multimedia displays, so you’ll get to see more than just glass case displays.

2. Chunking Mansions: This place is a true melting pot, and you can easily see that in both the people and the dozens of shops they run. The area is full of cheap hostels, phone shops, and Indian restaurants. It’s a great stop if you’re hungry or if you want to buy something for yourself. If you’re not scared of crowds, it is worth checking out.

3. Ladies Market: Don’t let the name deceive you. This market sells clothes for men, women, and children, but also various trinkets you might want to take home with you. Hong Kong markets are known for their low prices, and both locals and tourists are on the hunt for the best offers. Alternatively, you can visit Temple Street Market for electronics or Stanley Market for souvenirs.

4. Business Card Market: This is not a joke. Hong Kong even has a market where you can make and personalize your business cards. If you’re on a business trip to Hong Kong, you can easily stop by here to pick an original design for your business cards. Also, you can head over to Golden Shopping Arcade, a computer market with fairly low prices.

5. Victoria Harbour: Riding a traditional Chinese Junk is one of the best and cheapest ways to get to know Hong Kong. For example, Hong Kong’s Tourism Board offers one hour rides on these traditional boats at a low cost. Consequently, these rides are extremely popular among, so you’d better register ahead of time. There are other companies which offer special boat tours, but you might have to pay some extra money.

6. Man Mo Temple: No stay to Hong Kong is complete without visiting a temple. Man Mo Temple is one of the most well-known and largest temples in Hong Kong, and it is dedicated to the gods of literature and war. It is located within walking distance from the subway, but you can easily get there by bus.

7. Avenue of Stars: This is Hong Kong’s version of Hollywood Boulevard. The Avenue of Stars pays tribute to the stars which helped turn Hong Kong’s movie industry into a mini-Hollywood. It is conveniently located next to some of Hong Kong’s most famous landmarks, so you could spend an entire afternoon or evening just strolling and enjoying the sights.

8. The Peak: If you decide to check out Avenue of Stars, you can also stop by and visit The Peak, an exclusive neighbourhood which also happens to be the highest point in Hong Kong. It is an area we frequently see in every guidebook or movie set in Hong Kong, so it would be a pity not to see it in real life.

9. Clock Tower: This imposing building is a reminder of Hong Kong’s colonial past. It is not a Declared Monument and a landmark for all Chinese immigrants. The tower is over 40m high and it can be admired from up close or from afar (via ferry tours).

Whether you only have time to shop, or you simply want to stroll through some of Hong Kong’s most famous areas, you will soon find out that this can be done without spending ridiculous sums of money.

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  1. The Peak is the highest point on HK island but not the territory. For that you need to take the ferry to Lamma Island (where I used to live back in the day) and go climb Mount Stenhouse. It’s a good day hike and take plenty if water.

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