Experience the Globe – don’t let recent terror alerts stop you travelling.


Opinion Piece by friend Nicky who is currently living in Turkey.

If you watch the news, read newspapers, go on Facebook, or check any kind of Twitter stream, you will no doubt be aware of the rather dark goings on in the world currently. I’m not going to mention any name of any organization or specific event, because that would be giving publicity to what these people have done or are doing, and they don’t deserve that, so instead we will deal with increased terror alerts as a generic topic. It’s a topic that some feel is rather taboo to discuss too much, but when it comes to your safe and uneventful travel, it’s something we have to address, to enable us to see the world, like it’s meant to be seen.

If you’re due to travel soon then it’s possible that you could be feeling a little nervous, and whilst that’s understandable, you should acknowledge this fact, and travel anyway, albeit in a slightly more cautious manner.

I am currently living in Turkey and my family called me the other day, worried about a news story that threatened attacks on British tourists in Turkey, which they’d seen on the front page of a tabloid newspaper. It’s no wonder that people think about staying home, but that would be wrong.

At the end of the day, you can’t control what is going to happen, you simply have to live your life, and you have to put your faith in the hands of airport security. These people are very well informed, and in light of recent goings on, the increased security at airports all over the world can only be a good thing. Staying at home means you let these people win, and that would be wrong.

When I flew from the UK a couple of months ago there were people complaining about the increased security checks, and the longer queues as a result. I was shocked at this, because quite frankly, I’d rather be stood in a longer queue, knowing that in-depth checks are being done, ensuring my safety, than the rather dark possible alternative. If you’re asked to take all your electrical appliances out of your bag or turn one of them on and off, what’s the big deal? If you’re spot checked randomly at the security desk, so what? If you have nothing to hide, then there is no problem, and you can be reassured that these things are being done to make sure you get to your destination and back again safely, without incident.

Don’t let increased alerts and stories you read on the news stop you from venturing around the world an experiencing all the wonderful sights and sounds there are on offer. Simply check and heed advice from your embassy, don’t put yourself in unnecessary danger, and keep your wits about you – it’s all about common sense and abiding by guidance, and if you do that, the chances of being caught up in anything untoward are extremely low.

Happy travels!

Photo Credit: Dan Paluska under Creative Commons license. View of airport security from above.

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