6 Things to Do on a Singapore Stopover

1. Go to Little India for great food.

Be warned that Singapore hotel costs are more similar to Western prices than typical South East Asia prices so you’ll need to hunt around for budget options. At least you can eat cheaply well on a budget in Singapore.

The food in Singapore’s Little India is cheap and delicious. There are several vegetarian only restaurants which are very, very good. Indian food in Kuala Lumpur isn’t as good as here in Singapore so get your fill here. Other veggie options are detailed in this awesome post.

2. Get a hotel with a nice pool.

If you’re not on a super tight budget, it’s worth considering spending your stopover lounging by a nice pool. There aren’t really must-see attractions in Singapore, so soaking up the warm climate and good service is a valid option.

3. Shop.

Singaporeans love to shop. Even if you’re not buying, experiencing the shopping culture in Singapore is about the most quintessentially Singaporean thing you can do. Air conditioned malls are a way to beat the heat if you’re not used to it.

4. Go to a Hawker centre.

Hawker Centres are where you’ll find street food in Singapore. It’s highly, highly unlikely you’ll get sick as hygiene standards are generally high. Again, eating cheap will help offset the high cost of hotels in Singapore.

Try Chowhound or other food message boards if you want recommendations or just follow your nose to what looks good.

5. Take the metro.

I love subways and taking the metro in Singapore will give you a real sense of daily life in this buzzing metropolis.

6. Treat yourself to a a cocktail at an outdoor bar.

Singapore is the kind of place where eating and soaking up the atmosphere are more fun than doing any particular activities. With warm temperatures even at night, sit outside for drinks, dinner, or both, and enjoy that sense of being in the tropics.

7. Go to the Night Safari.

The Singapore Night Safari is touristy but everyone we know who has done it has enjoyed it.

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